ITB, IFA, Fruit Logistica and More

Are you working with people who know the Berlin exhibition grounds?

At Stand Builders Berlin, we've seen ITB, IFA, and Fruit Logistica among others. After years of helping international companies create their trade show displays in Berlin, we're still bright-eyed and excited to provide quality stand build service and creative exhibition stand design .

These are just a few of the exhibitions and trade shows we know and love. Contact us to learn more about the work we've done and the work we can do for you.

ITB Berlin - International Tourismus-Börse Berlin

ITB Berlin is the world's leading tourism trade show. Thousands of journalists from all over the globe attend to report on the latest trends and products in the industry, and companies can make headlines for introducing their newest offers.

Do you want to impress hundreds of thousands of visitors and set yourself apart from the other ten thousand exhibitors? Then work with experts who know the exhibition and who know Messe Berlin.

Since ITB Berlin is one of the largest trade shows, standing out from the crowd and making a statement is even more important. What will make your stand different? Will it be the video wall that impresses, or the large display banners?

IFA - Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin

IFA is one of the oldest exhibitions in Germany and one of the largest trade shows of its kind in the world. International producers and sellers of home appliances and consumer electronics sell their wares and feature the latest developments in home technology.

We can easily outfit and install your IFA exhibition stand with your products as well as the additional AV equipment you need. Our exhibition stand builders and stand building services include the proper handling and installation of your electronics.

At IFA, many of the appliances and electronics you may use are expensive. If you're using a giant screen television as the focal point of your exhibition stand, it certainly cannot have a crack in it. Stand Builders Berlin can easily take care of the safe transport of your appliances, electronics and equipment. We've worked with the likes of Samsung and LG, dazzling journalists and potential consumers from around the world.

Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is a major international fresh produce trade show that attracts around 70,000 visitors annually.

Are you featuring some of your own fresh produce at Fruit Logistica? Or would you just like to have food to hand out and display? Then the safe storage and transportation of your food is essential. Stand Builders Berlin understands this and is happy to help you with the logistics of your bananas and tomatoes.

Keep your food safe, un-bruised and fresh. We can prioritise proper food safety and handling for you so that you can let your food display do the talking at Fruit Logistica.

Of course, ITB, IFA and Fruit Logistica aren't the only Berlin exhibitions we've served. Give us a call ( - our exhibition stand builders are looking forward to designing, producing and building your exhibition stand.

Do you need services beyond exhibition stand builders? Because we're part of Berlin Event Group, we can connect you with hostesses and exhibition staff who will be as excited as you are about your brand.