Display Stands

Put your products in the spotlight at your trade show display in Berlin

At Stand Builders Berlin, we know proper display stands could sell something without the salesman saying a word.

How do you want journalists or potential clients to think of your brand? Whether your product is a new perfume or the latest sound system technology, it's important to create a story from first sight, and your display stands may be the first things people see. Display stands can directly affect the sale of your product or service. They are part of the overall impression your trade show display creates.

Display Stands that are custom-made

As a feature of your trade show display, the display stands shouldn't just shelves. At Stand Builders Berlin, we understand that they should directly relate to your product or service and your brand message. With this in mind, we can build bespoke display stands that cater to your needs, both creatively and practically.

Do you plan on having a modular exhibition stand? By simply replacing the display stands you already use with new ones, your exhibition stand can take on a whole new focus or meaning. This is especially important if you plan to feature a new brand message or product.

Stand Builders Berlin can outfit your display stand with AV tech, graphics, and more.

Want to incorporate audio visual technology and digital screens, or unique printed graphics ? We can work together to design and create a trade show display that our exhibition stand builders can easily install.

Our in-house production facility makes it simple for us to coordinate the creation of your display stand and the add-ons for your trade show display. When all of the materials are in one place, efficiency is increased and you can rest knowing that your exhibition stand is in good hands.

Display stand transportation made easy by Stand Builders Berlin

Along with the panels and other materials for your exhibition stand, you can depend on us to safely handle and deliver your display stands. We have our own trucks and movers who will work together to package the stands, transport them, and ensure they arrive at your exhibition site on time. From there our expert exhibition stand builders will take the display stands and install it along with your exhibition stand.

Stand Builders Berlin offers help every step of the way

The fewer times your materials have to change hands, the better. This is why we offer such a wide range of services in addition to stand build. Make sure you're working with professionals when you attend your Berlin exhibition. Learn more about our exhibition stand design , exhibition stand builders, AV Hire, Truss hire, and banner printing.

Contact us when you're ready to tell us about your plans. Our exhibition stand builders are looking forward to hearing from you!

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