Modular Exhibition Stands

Smart exhibition stand design

Stand Builders Berlin offers modular exhibition stands as a great solution for companies looking for green, cost-effective ways to approach an exhibition.

What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular exhibition stands are especially designed for multiple use in different exhibitions. How does that work?

Let's say, for example, that your company plans on attending more than one exhibition in a year, and you want to maintain a consistent look for each of your trade show displays. You would like to use the same display so that you can express a consistent brand message across the world, and be easily recognizable.

The problem? Each exhibition has given you different allowances for the size of your exhibition stand. Modular exhibition stands address this problem by being made up of panelling, flooring, banner stands, furniture, AV equipment, and display stands that exhibition stand builders can "add on" or "leave out" depending on the specifications of the exhibition.

Meanwhile, your trade show display looks professional and you don't have to redesign a completely new stand for every exhibition you attend.

With modular exhibition stands, you can also use the same basic frame from one year to the next. As your company and brand develops, or as you decide to introduce new products and services, simply change or update the furniture, graphics and displays for the exhibition stand builders install.

Interchangeable digital printing graphics and banner stands

Customizing your modular exhibition stands with the right banner stands and digital printing graphics is easy.

Would you like to emphasize different products between different exhibitions, but use the same trade show display? Simply change the banner stands and graphics that you use. With Stand Builders Berlin's in-house production and digital printing facilities, we can easily make panels and graphics that fit the theme and brand message you want to communicate specifically in Berlin.

AV equipment that's flexible and easy to use

Outfit your modular exhibition stand with AV equipment. In your modular stand, Stand Builders Berlin can make sure appropriate AV equipment is accommodated depending on what kind of exhibition you want to attend. Perhaps the sound system you used in your stand at a previous exhibition won't suit the venue you're attending in Berlin - but don't worry. Our exhibition stand builders know the exhibition grounds well and can help you choose the best equipment to fit your stand and exhibition space.

Environmentally friendly exhibition stand design and exhibition stand build .

Our exhibition stand builders are invested in green solutions and avoiding waste. That's why we love building modular exhibition stands among other types of reusable exhibition materials. Take a look at our exhibition stand design page to learn more about other types of stands we offer and can offer exhibition stand build services for, such as bespoke exhibition stands and pop up exhibition stands.

Contact us to learn more about our equipment and other services.

Looking for more exhibition services beyond exhibition stand build? As part of Berlin Event Group, our colleagues offer exhibition staff and hostesses in Berlin. Are you running promotions or events that have nothing to do with exhibitions? We also build promotional stands and have partners who specialize in event marketing.