Truss Hire by Stand Builders Berlin

Truss Hire, staging and more - Even heavy-weights stay in safe hands with Berlin Stand Builders

Welcome to the universe of unlimited opportunities - at least when it comes to the size and shape of truss systems for your event in Berlin or Brandenburg. On this page you'll find what you're looking for when it comes to experts in event production and stand build, no matter if you're planning an outdoor festival or exhibition stand. Our storage is packed with small and large elements - so Stand Builders Berlin will be able to supply you with exactly the truss system that you need. When it comes to trusses, trust us.

Light Trussing

For your event, light is an invaluable resource. Here at Stand Builders Berlin we know exactly how to combine lighting design and modern trussing systems for a wide range of corporate and private events. As exhibition stand designers working hand in hand with lighting engineers, we understand your inquiries for truss hire at once - no matter if it's related to your event, an exhibition, a corporate event, a retail promotion or a private event. Our light trussing specialists will work tirelessly with the design and production team. Stand Builders Berlin is experienced in working as a part of larger national and international teams together with our clients. Together, we master lighting challenges like:

  • Visualization
  • Creation
  • Communication
  • Materialization

We arrange the truss system through our truss hire services including delivery, setup and dismantling - and you're in charge of the project. Lighting is the soul of every space and our truss system could be the perfect body if you choose to work with us. Will you?

Stage Trussing - the Stand Builders are at your service

Stage trussing inquiries come along during almost every season of the year. The imaginations of our clients' production managers appear to be unlimited. No matter if you need an elegant, compact and lightweight truss structure for your catwalk project or a robust truss system for an outdoor sports event in one of the countless open-air venues in Berlin. Stand Builders Berlin and our engineers are out there - at any time of the day we're serving small festivals, city centre and community sites, shopping malls or airport hangars. "Can you make it in time?" is the frequent question our lovely office staff face when inquiries for truss hire come in. The answer: Yes, we can!

Are you looking for professional support for your stage trussing project when the DJ needs a base for your summer festival? Been there, done that. Maybe you need to include video walls and lighting design as well? Our exhibition stand builders are at your service and Event Group Berlin is at your side when it comes to:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Build
  • Maintain
  • and Dismantle

of your stage and the trussing system itself. Need more insights? [to Flickr Albums]

Video Wall Truss

Your video walls and screen systems need strong ground support and a robust framework in order to meet the professional requirements of your event. The structures and truss systems of Stand Builders Berlin, varying in capacity from 500kg to more than 2000kg, are what you're looking for. When using our truss hire services for video wall systems at exhibitions, corporate events or festivals we make sure that they are fast and easy to construct. Our truss systems are available for indoor and outdoor events in Berlin and the metropolitan area as well as cities in Brandenburg. Stand Builders Berlin works with materials from top brands only in order to ensure quality for your show - and safety for your guests and partners.

Have you ever been stunned by a large screen? What about an entire wall of numerous video screens fixed on a truss system? Stand Builders Berlin could make this plan reality. Our exhibition stand builders can construct and install a video wall truss on which several screens can be easily secured.

Impress every passer-by, even at an exhibition where screens rule - like IFA, ITB or Fruit Logistica - just to name a few. Do you need a professional partner for your event in Berlin? Don't waste time and learn more for yourself about our services.