Exhibition Stand Builders in Berlin

Exhibition stand build that will impress your clients and fans

Our exhibition stand builders have been in the business for over a decade, offering exhibition stand design , exhibition stand build, and more. Let us use our years of experience to tell your company's story and engage your audience through your trade show display.

When you're putting up your stand, you want to make sure your trade show display or pop-up exhibition stand sparkles for all the right reasons. Not because of bad craftsmanship. We're precise when it comes to measuring, loading, and safely handling your trade show displays. Sounds boring to you? That's ok. It's exciting for us!

Our exhibition stand builders pay attention to detail

We will check and double-check the creation of your trade show display from beginning to end. In addition to providing exhibition stand builders and exhibition stand design, we can organize the transport of your trade show displays with our own fleet of trucks. To make the process even smoother, the craftspeople who had a hand in producing your display will be there to install it. The fewer times your displays have to change hands, the better.

Exhibition stand builders should ensure safe, durable exhibition stands

We know safety and durability. Not only should your stand look professional, but it should also be safely intact for the duration of the exhibition. Our stand builders don't cut corners when it comes to exhibition stand design and building your stand, whether it's a pop up exhibition stand or a modular exhibition stand. Every panel will be installed by experts and well-trained professionals. Bring down the house with your brand message rather than falling walls.

Our exhibition stand builders are well-trained, qualified professionals and experts

Many of our exhibition stand builders are qualified engineers with backgrounds in the fields of light, sound, and construction. In the interest of fostering the next generation of Stand Builders, we are an official university training partner. We take training very seriously and encourage high standards when it comes to exhibition stand build.

Keeping our exhibition stand build materials green!

We're invested in more than quality - we're also invested in sustainability. Our team does the best we can to use sustainable, recyclable materials. That's why we take care of the proper disposal of your materials at the end of the exhibition. Are you looking for a reusable exhibition stand? All the better! Modular exhibition stands and other exhibition stand designs like pop up exhibition stands could be the solution for you!

Need more than just exhibition stand builders? We also have our own 500m2 production facility where we can produce every part of your trade show display, from the prints to the panellingy.

Contact us in our Berlin office if you want to learn more about the building process or our previous work. We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to hear about your stand!

Looking for help beyond exhibition stand build? We're part of Berlin Event Group. The teams in this group handle every detail of event marketing, fantastic promotions, and more.