AV Hire by Your Exhibition Stand Builders

Stand Builders Berlin uses high-quality AV equipment

Stand Builders Berlin's AV equipment hire services are just one of the ways in which we make your exhibition attendance easier.

An exhibition or trade show is a feast for the senses. Make sure your company's voice is heard with the proper AV equipment.

Even if you're not using a stage, your exhibition stand should seem like it's centre stage and in the spotlight. Every microphone, speaker, projector, and screen should fit your company's brand vision and represent the best of what AV technology can offer.

AV Hire by Stand Builders Berlin offers technology that's compatible

The equipment that's part of your AV Hire should be compatible with other audio visual tech to create an overarching, integrative and consistent brand experience. Stand Builders Berlin partners and works with leading manufacturers of AV systems in order to ensure this.

AV Hire should be part of your brand - not just an extra prop. We will always take care to assign the right type of equipment to the right project. We also keep track of the latest trends in technology. This way, whatever equipment we use for your project, whether it be projectors or microphones, will never be outdated.

Not sure what your budget will allow for glitzy light shows and a disco ball? We can work together to find a flexible solution that fits the effect you want to create at your exhibition stand as well as what you can afford.

AV Hire Delivery is easy for us

Want to ensure your technology is safely delivered? Your Berlin exhibition stand builders will make sure that the equipment is safely transported to your exhibition site. How do we do it? We have our own fleet of trucks and special vehicles. We also have specialized storage and packaging capabilities to ensure all of the equipment is secured and ready to run when you need to turn up the music.

AV equipment installation

Our services don't stop at simply supplying and delivering the speakers and microphones. We will ensure your equipment is properly installed and in working order. Our exhibition stand builders and staff will see to it that the music is playing and every screen displays your brand message. Meanwhile, our project managers will keep tabs on everything and keep you updated on the installation, delivery, and the strike of the equipment.

Our AV hire services include providing the AV equipment and setting it up. Need a more detailed list? Take a look below:

  • Display and Exhibition Panels
  • Microphone, PA & Audio Systems
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Presentation Equipment & Technology
  • Video & Content Creation
  • Plasma & TVs
  • Cameras, Videos & DVD
  • More unique AV hire solutions...

Contact us to learn more about our AV hire and services.

Do you need equipment for other events aside from an exhibition? Need additional staff aside from exhibition stand builders? Stand Builders Berlin is part of Event Group Berlin. Our partners handle equipment for event marketing, promotions and more.