Exhibition Stand Design in Berlin

Exhibition Stand Build from Convenient Pop Up Exhibition Stands to Fantastic Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Stand Builders Berlin loves exhibition stand design as much as we love stand building. We believe in creative, sustainable exhibition stand design with clear brand messages. Do you have something special in mind for your display?

We're excited to make it a reality through exhibition stand build, as soon as we know what your needs are.

The Stand Builders Berlin team is invested in the details of your exhibition stand design, so we'll always have a few questions ready concerning the size specifications for your stand, the durability you're looking for, whether or not the stand will be re-used, and of course, the ambiance you'd like your stand to create.

What do you look for in exhibition stand design?

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

More elaborate bespoke exhibition stands outfitted with special audio visual equipment, banner stands and more might be better for those who want to make a big statement at an important Berlin trade show such as IFA or ITB.

Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

Pop-up exhibition stands could be a better choice for those who need it for quick, multiple-use. These stands require less set-up time. Why? These types of stands require no tools or special training. So, in the future, if you'd like to use the stand for a promotional event outside of the exhibition, it can easily be done by your staff.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are another flexible, multi-use type of stand with various aspects that can be "added" and "subtracted" depending on the space you get for the exhibition. Modular exhibition stands are a good choice for companies who are often on the road and appreciate consistent exhibition stand design.

Sustainable exhibition stand design and exhibition stand build by Stand Builders Berlin

Stand Builders Berlin loves being green. We do our best to come up with creative ways to keep our production and materials environmentally friendly. We encourage reusability, but if you'd like your stand to be especially designed for a particular exhibition, we'll make sure the materials are properly recycled and disposed of.

Let's design your stand together. Our stand builders will provide you the technical solutions you need.

In the planning stage, we always provide clients with full details, orders and blueprints so that you know exactly what you're getting. Want to see what the stand might look like before we build it? We can create a 3D CAD image for you to inspect before you finalise the details.

Do you already have a vision in mind, but you don't know how feasible it is technically and for your budget? Stand Builders Berlin can consult you on what materials create what effect, and which specifications will most likely fit your budget. We love coming up with flexible solutions and will work closely with you to ensure you don't lose the reins.

Call us so we can get down to business.

Need people to run the exhibition stand? As members of Berlin Event Group (, we can connect you with event staff and hostesses as well.